JP Biamby


Creative Director


Born in New York City, JP has always had passion for the arts, music, film, technology and branding. I am inspired by DJ's, artists, musicians, actors, comedians and art. My career began at HBO, but then quickly moved on to Sony Music, where I coordinated Ron Grant’s R&B Showcase for record executives at in-house boutique labels like Epic, Columbia, 550 Music and the WORK Group. Ron Grant still hosts his R&B Showcase every Sunday at the Village Underground in New York City.

From there, JP established Audiology Recording Studio with my partner and some of our clients were Ice T, Treach, Lil Kim, Sticky Fingaz, Fat Joe, Phife Dog along with Select Records and Def Jam. Since I always try to stay ahead of the curve this led me to start Silverback Digital Studios, a successful HD Video Editorial Production Company.

Additionally, JP Biamby was instrumental in a little known music industry start up called 'Digiwaxx Media LLC'. Before Digiwaxx's inception JP incubated it's founders with housing and further still worked with the founders in the same home office that he referred them too. Furthermore the first internal database that 'Digiwaxx' ever uses to collect DJ feedback and report it to the music labels was created and designed by JP Biamby.

From recording artist vocals, dj mixtapes, mixing music, editing videos, distributing promotional mixtapes or designing multi-media DVDs, JP accumulated a long history of projects that he has worked. Just to ask him to tell you a story one day. :-)

As a DJ I was moonlighting as a Payments Professional helping merchants with their Point Of Sale systems while trying to lobby for a DJ gig. Either way, I was walking out of the Club with a new client. During his time as a DJ, JP also worked with Bank Associates Merchant Services in Brooklyn before establishing other payment partnerships. JP Biamby inspired many innovation within the merchant services CRM software that was developed by BAMS called 'IrisCRM' which was recently purchased by NMI.

As a Business Relationship Manager for Heartland Payment Systems he acquired them a long term stay Hotel called Furnished Quarters that does over $12mm in sales annually. Can you imagine that Heartland let JP go for non-production after scoring this deal for them? Good for JP, bad for Heartland. After proving successful acquiring large high volume merchant accounts, JP built up the war chest to bootstrap his own start up.

Accelerated in part by the Covid19 pandemic and the recent success of Bitcoin, is what brought us here. A time and a place where Merchant Advisory Services provides insights to brands, start ups and small business owners that need to securely accept payments from customers and combat fraud. With app store developer status in both Apple iTunes & Google Play app stores Merchant Advisory Services aims to publish mobile apps that will democratize payments for the 'under banked' in the merchant services space. Learn more what's new at

Currently you can find JP skateboarding somewhere when he is not exercising his creative abilities.