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We Offer Premium Merchant Services and Essential Payment Solutions To Small Businesses, Start Ups & Enterprise Level Businesses

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The amount by which we want to increase our sale volume each year.


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In 3 Months we release the mobile version in the app stores.


Annual Sales

The average annual card payment volume of our ideal customers.


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The number of sales partners we want to add to our team each year.

A Great Story Always Starts With A Great Team

Merchant Advisory Services is a New York boutique payments company and sales office. We sell merchant services that enables businesses to accept all major payment cards. Merchant Advisory Services offers best-in-class payment processing services, alongside personalized customer service and expert tech support which allows us to provide our clients with a better customer service experience.


Our Mission Is To Help You Grow Your Online Business

Our mission is to provide online lower processing costs to our clients. We provide access to the best payment software, the most robust applications, and very powerful tools to deliver the best checkout experience to your customers. At Merchant Advisory Services, we will learn about your business and how you accept card payments before we recommend any strategies or offer any products or services.

Our Culture

What Motivates Us



Constantly innovating and trying new methods to increase productivity and efficiency is how we are wired.



Holding ourselves accountable when nobody is paying attention is how we like to do things all the time.



Consistently coming up with new ideas that may or may not be useful is what drives us to be creative



The ability to keep up the momentum of achieving our goals over very long periods of time is a must.


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