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You’ve got the vision. We’ve got the engine. Let’s put it all together. Let’s power up your payments.

About Clover Connect

Accept payments anywhere with your computer, tablet, or smartphone without a POS device. Fire up Virtual Terminal right on your Clover Web Dashboard, 24/7. Accepting any type of payments is a snap—from in-person swipe, chip, and tap, to online payments. Whether you sell coffee or memberships, all purchases are more secure and trackable. Offer the best possible customer experience while building loyalty at your place of business and online. Manage your business and make a sale from anywhere with our dashboard, mobile app, and virtual terminal. Whether you’re a software user, salon owner or app developer — your payments experience is met with:

  • Omnichannel payment acceptance + affordable processing
  • Seamless activation and onboarding
  • Full transaction lifecycle reporting
  • 24/7 tech support

See what Clover can do for your business.

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A Clover system accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless payments. Use it as a complete POS or a standalone payment system. Our powerful platform enables you to accept payments anywhere, anytime. There’s a Clover system for every business.

How Process Payments With Clover Connect.

Simply Schedule A Demo and we will be in touch with you to get you approved to accept payments with Clover Connect using Merchant Advisory Services Payment App.

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Clover Connect

Merchant Advisory Services and Clover Connect have joined forces to bring seamlessly integrated payment processing to the software you know and love. By taking advantage of Clover Connect’s complete omnichannel solution, your payment processing will be streamlined saving you time and money.

  • Manage processed payments and view full transaction lifecycle reports in real-time. effortlessly void, capture and refund - from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Clover Connect uses best-in-class processing habits to qualify you for the lowest interchange rate possible for every transaction.
  • Never wait to get paid again. With Clover Connect, you'll have access to next day funding to streamline your cash flow.

Raising the bar for integrated payments.

Full Clover Connect POS

Integrate Payments With Clover Connect

Accept payments anywhere with your computer, tablet, or smartphone without a POS device. Fire up Virtual Terminal right on your Clover Web Dashboard, 24/7.


Elevate your application with efficient integrations, support — and now even devices to complete your platform. Clover Connect's payment engine supports your software’s ever-growing vision with powerful and easy integrations backed by dedicated, always-on support teams. And now, your software can run on select Clover devices, turning your solution into a full-featured platform.

  • Integrate directly with the Clover Station POS system based on your application needs.
  • Easily access a broad portfolio of value-added Clover Services, including app and cash advance solutions.
  • Track everything in your portfolio, from merchant application processing to hardware delivery with CoPilot, our leading partner management portal.

Ready for today. Flexing to your vision tomorrow. Clover Connect is growing dynamically with an expanding array of features you can put to use today and scale forward into the future.

Full Clover Connect POS

Get Personalized Customer Support From Clover Connect

Customized payments solutions. Personalized integration support.

Clover Connect is your back-end payments solution. But that’s just the start. Now, you can run your software on select Clover devices — giving you a new, robust platform to accept payments. Dedicated teams ready to support your implementation, onboarding and marketing.